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Clarity in your job search is vital. Not having it can be worse than a bad resume.

So many start their job search with little preparation and simply update their resume to get started.

In a highly competitive, employer-driven job market there’s testimonial after testimonial of job seekers who learn after months of no traction they need to step back and ADAPT.

Today’s digital job market has changed the game. The reality is there’s also now a sea of new players.

A good foundation will strengthen your value proposition and feed into everything that follows: your resume, personal brand, LinkedIn optimization, networking, and how you interview.

Self discovery, clarity, and understanding your gaps is what building your Career Change Roadmap is about.

It’s designed to prepare you for what follows.

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The Outcomes?

Prepare Yourself:

  • Clarity
  • Self-Discovery
  • Identify Gaps
  • Value Proposition
  • Brand Discovery

Prepare Your Materials:

  • Modern Resume
  • Cover Letter
  • LinkedIn Optimized

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